3D – Print, Touch, Experience

3D – Print,
Touch, Experience


Project coordinaton:

Municipal Library in Wrocław, Poland

Skriware tools used:
Skriware 2
3D printer

An educational initiative MultiCentrum has invited local students to create a memory game for their peers with impaired vision. Led by Małgorzata Karpicka, students used Skriware 2 3D printer to print tiles featuring animal designs. When touched, tiles would play sounds associated with a particular animal.

The goal of the project was to integrate students with children suffering from impaired vision while teaching them about 3D design, 3D printing, music history and audio design. 15 hours of workshops were conducted during which students created over 120 digital pictures of animals and recorded corresponding audio clips. Kids would not only imitate the sounds though. They also learned about the evolution of music and prepared their compositions in various contemporary and historic music styles.

Next, older students would work on the pictures. After the workshop on 3D design, they used Tinkerdcad to turn pictures into 3D tiles. They were constantly consulting with a specialist to better understand the needs of a visually impaired person. The final 18 tiles were printed, attached to a microcomputer with a speaker and placed on a round table.

The classes were enjoyed by the students very much, as they found them to be innovative and felt motivated to work. They got to know more about music and new technologies while also learning empathy towards those in need of support. – Małgorzata Karpicka Project coordinator