If you are wondering how your school can obtain funding for the purchase of such an educational laboratory as SkriLab, we are in a hurry to inform you that there are many ways. Our team has extensive knowledge of government subsidies and civic projects. We also closely follow CSR activities in the field of education proposed by private companies, which is why we encourage you to contact us. Together we have a great chance to succeed.

The subject of today’s post, however, is the incredibly inspiring story of a private school in Rokitno. School’s Principal, Agnieszka Pasierbińska-Bijak, proved that everything is possible with the help of local society! Thanks to a social fundraising on the website and funds from private investors she managed to finance SkriLab.

That is how our team got the opportunity to train 10 teachers, and enable 100 students to use modern educational tools. From now on, the face of education in ZSS Rokitno will be exciting and engaging.

“We like the implementation formula developed by the Skriware team. The practical presentation of all modules helps to get to know the tool in an orderly, friendly and even intuitive way, ” , “The knowledge we gained during the implementation allowed us to start using Skriware tools efficiently and confidently.” – says the school’s principal.

Pros of the implementation carried out?

  • a very convenient online form of implementation 
  • the optimal duration of the webinars, dates and time were well planned
  • the ability to replay recorded trainings anytime when it’s needed
  • clearly structured thematic modules
  • useful follow-up information provided after the individual workshops

“I will be using SkriLab in math, physics, robotics and creativity classes. I am deeply convinced that this comprehensive teaching aid will allow me to implement the core curriculum in a way that will be remembered and understood by students.I will also be able to discover the potential of students during additional classes. We will certainly use 3D printing and the SkriKit construction set to develop students’ creativity and ingenuity. “

– adds Agnieszka Pasierbińska-Bijak

“I will use the 3D printer to print models from chemistry, biology, nature and during individual revalidation classes. Skriware Academy’s large scenario database will help me in the preparation of additional tasks for students and in the design of teaching aids for a specific topic. I will certainly organize a competition on natural science and an exhibition of models designed by students. ”

says Dorota Otczyk

If you also want the education in the school where you work (or where your children study) to gain modern teaching aids such as SkriLab, please contact us by email: [email protected].