New approach to learning & teaching
Skriware educational ecosystem consists of hardware and software solutions that create hands-on experience to teach STEAM interdisciplinary skills to students in classrooms or at home.
educational ecosystem
Bridge between creativity & science
3D printers
Easy to use 3D printers connected to the online platform
Skriware Academy
E-learning STEAM platform with interactive courses
Modular 3D-printed robots that anyone can build and program
Skribots App
Start coding a Skribot immediately with block interface
Skribots Creator
Design and prototype your own Skribot before printing
New way of learning
Skriware courses are designed to teach interdisciplinary STEAM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts & Mathematics) in a unique way that focuses on:
Manual skills development
Cooperation skills
Hands-on experience
Creative problem solving
Process-based learning
Engaging narrative scenarios
Available now
Destinaton: Mars
Discover the secrets of the Red Planet with Skribot and STEAM Team in the span of 8 exciting missions that will take you on the adventure of a lifetime
In development
Martian Base
The first step in colonization of the Red Planet has been achieved and now it is up to you to build and maintain the first human base on Mars.
In development
Drone Control
Have you ever dreamt of flying? Learn how to build your own drone and take to the skies in an adventure that just won't stay on the ground.
Complete educational package
STEAM learning
Learn valuable skills while having fun
Skriware Academy
New approach to learning & teaching
Works together
Design, print, learn & much more
Classroom friendly
Engaging for students of all ages
Learn at home
Education has never been so fun!
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