Engineering Kit

This package of Skriware’s educational tools consists of the SkriKit engineering set, virtual Creator tool, related lesson scenarios and a mix of additional teaching aids.
SkriKit construction blocks were designed in resemblance to the tools that engineers and constructors use in real life.



The set is made of various components such as nuts, brackets, nails etc. It develops manual skills, spatial imagination, precision, concentration and persistence in performing tasks, while gaining knowledge and experience in building stable and durable constructions.



The virtual Creator tool is an online expansion of SkriKit, where students can experiment and design their own engineering projects, virtually adding even more elements to their ideas. 


City & engineering mats and cards

Other components of the package such as city mats, engineering mats and engineering cards are aimed at helping students understand how different types of tools, connections and elements interact with each other. They help to remember the professional names of elements and make the lesson with SkriLab even more fun.


Skriware Academy

Engineering Kit is enriched with lesson scenarios from Skriware Academy online teacher’s platform that includes a number of educational materials (lesson plans, lesson cycles and exercises) designed to support them while using Skriware tools during class. SkriLab Engineering Kit can be implemented in various STEAM based curriculum or used as an independent educational tool. 


Engineering Kit includes:

SkriKit L
1 pcs.

Skriware Academy
15 ready to use lesson plans for the teachers

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