SkriLab educational laboratory for schools

SkriLab is an independent educational ecosystem which is fully compatible with the concept of STEAM education.
It’s a combination of software and hardware elements bonded together with valuable content for teachers.



Hardware components such as 3D printer, robots and construction sets integrated with software – programming app, 3D modeling tools, ready-made 3D models library and Skriware Academy, an online platform with hands-on materials for teachers – make SkriLab a self-sufficient and flexible tool which can be easily implemented in schools and other educational establishments. Thanks to the wide base of knowledge and content our laboratory might be used not only for computer sciences related subjects but also for biology, chemistry, geography, arts, physics, mathematics and early childhood education. Creativity, when it comes to the usage of this solution at school, is unlimited.


Skriware Academy

The purchase of the full SkriLab implies the unlimited access to educational materials (in addition to those provided by separate parts) found at Skriware Academy and opens its full potential and educational value. 

If you are interested in acquiring SkriLab: Engineering Kit see the list of our distributors or contact us directly!