SkriKit building blocks for learning programming and robotics

SkriKit educational building blocks will develop not only manual skills, but also students’ thinking and spatial imagination. The opportunity to assemble the construction with their own hands positively influences the development of the ability to concentrate, organize the workspace, plan and use various types of connections in practice.

SkriKit construction kit comes in 3 sizes:

SkriKit Mini

281 elements

Skrikit S

1090 elements

SkriKit L

5550 elements


How can SkriKit educational building blocks be used at school?

SkriKit educational building blocks at school guarantee great fun while creating structures closely related to the topic of any lesson. Their use in the therapy of small motor skills is an additional advantage. Building blocks are also an excellent tool to support the development of soft skills, encouraging students to collaborate and communicate when working in groups. As building blocks used to expand robotic structures, they also support the programming learning process.


What competencies and skills do SkriKit building blocks develop in students?

The educational building blocks for children develop manual skills, stimulate creativity, spatial intelligence, and teach work organisation and planning. In addition, they apply their knowledge of construction principles in practice to build well designed, stable and robust structures.


What classes will SkriKit building blocks be used for?

The SkriKit educational building blocks are perfect for primary school lessons in, for example, physics, design and technology, art, geography, or maths. They are also widely used in preschool education and in teaching students with special educational needs.


Create your own structures with your students

SkriKit blocks will develop not only manual skills, but also spatial thinking and imagination. The possibility of assembling the structure by one’s own has a positive effect on the ability to concentrate, prepare the workplace, learn in practice how to plan and use various types of connections. SkriKit set includes almost 5000 elements. Need more? No problem, they can be easily designed in Creator and printed on 3D Skrinter printer.


SkriKit – building blocks for learning programming and robotics

How can educational building blocks help develop an understanding of modern technology? It’s simple, firstly they will serve as a great tool to expand and upgrade the SkriBot educational robot. Secondly, when combined with Creator, they allow students to make creative robotic designs by themselves, even designs with advanced features. The building blocks that are missing from the kit can be printed using the 3D printer – it only takes a few clicks to print them with the integrated tools. It is also an ideal tool for explaining the basics of programming, such as what algorithms are, what features they have and how to create them.


Why learn programming and robotics as early as primary school?

This will make children more aware of their choice of further education and career path. By learning robotics and programming, one can indirectly develop logical thinking or cause-and-effect thinking skills, which are useful regardless of the career path chosen in the future. Additionally, learning programming and robotics significantly enhances children’s understanding of the digitised world around them.


SkriKit building blocks for learning programming and robotics

Development of skills

SkriKit develops creativity and spatial intelligence in students. It also supports the development of manual skills. All this in an atmosphere of great fun.

Young engineers

Building blocks teach the basics of mechanics, students must independently work out how to best join the pieces together to achieve a desired effect. The building blocks are a great addition to physics and design and technology classes.

Endless potential

You can add more pieces to the building kit with Creator and the 3D Skrinter. You can easily add not only more but also completely new building blocks!

Robot extension

The SkriKit building blocks are compatible with the mechanical components of SkriBot. They therefore create a great platform for extending the educational robot or designing a completely new one.