Skriware Academy

Skriware Academy Teacher Learning Platform

Skriware Academy is an original teacher support platform from Skriware. It features over 20 e-courses, ready-to-use lesson scenarios for as many as 9 school subjects, as well as presentations and worksheets for students. The materials comply with the primary school core curriculum.

Skriware Academy

Your personal SkriLab guide

Skiware’s mission is to support teachers that is why we have put the Skriware Academy in the center of SkriLab. Everything a teacher needs to prepare for a fascinating lesson based on Skriware tools can be found in the materials available on the Skriware Academy platform:

a series of 9 online trainings explaining how to use SkriLab elements,

e-courses in modeling and 3D printing, robotics, programming, Skriware tools handling and methods of working with them during classes,

lesson scenarios and syllabuses with a description of the activity and specific guidelines for the teacher,

ready-to-distribute multimedia presentations for children.

students’ worksheets covering the topic of the classes.

share worksheets and presentations for students via Microsoft Teams and Google Classroom

Skriware Academy

Skriware Academy – Original Teacher Support Platform

Skriware Academy is an online platform containing ready-made scenarios, materials and teaching aids dedicated for teachers. The center of SkriLab.

Skriware Academy

3D Printing Course – On-Line Training for Skriware Academy Teachers

The on-line courses for teachers at Skriware Academy explain how to operate the 3D printer, educational robots, programming tools and 3D modeling programs. The materials also clarify how to use Skrimarket’s on-line 3D model library, how to adapt lessons for remote and hybrid teaching models, leaving teachers with the relevant knowledge base and inspiration. All this ensures that using the SkriLab educational laboratory is enjoyable and engaging.


Skriware Academy

Ready ideas for classes

Intuitive design of the platform

Convenient filtering and search engine

Multimedia aids for children

All materials in one place

E-courses base for teachers