Teaching aids

Teaching aids for schools – Educational Mats and Cards

Skriware Educational Mats and Cards are teaching aids for teachers and students. They make working with the SkriLab tools more interesting by introducing the details of how selected components of the Educational Lab work.

Teaching aids

Teaching aids – what are they?

The SkriLab educational lab includes various types of additional scientific and educational aids. More detailed descriptions of these teaching materials are provided below. They will help children to better visualise the various phenomena and to better memorise the professional nomenclature and features of the engineering and electronic components included in the kit.

teaching aids

Our teaching aids – Educational Mats and Cards

Educational Mats and Cards are tools that support lessons with SkriBot and SkriKit. The package includes 5 City Mats, 10 Engineering Mats, 10 sets of Engineering Cards and 10 sets of Electronic Cards. A solid material ensures durability of mats even with an intensive use in school conditions. It also makes them easy to store and transport between the classrooms. 


City Mats


Engineering Mats


sets of Engineering Cards


sets of Electronic Cards

teaching aids

City Mats

City Mats present elements characteristic for the urban ecosystem. The main theme of the mat corresponds with many school subjects, incl. early childhood education, technology, computer science or nature. City Mats are an excellent aid for geometry or kinematics classes carried out with the use of SkriBots.

teaching aids

Engineering Mats and Cards

Engineering Mats include colourful graphics presenting sets of SkriBot and SkriKit elements, tips for connecting electronic components, exemplary SkriKit constructions, and “how to” tips.

The Engineering Cards are an excellent teaching aid when working with SkriLab’s components. Each card is dedicated to a different element of the set. Students will find descriptions of the construction, purpose of a given element and tips on how to use it.

Engineering Mats and Cards develop the ability to plan and organise, they also increase the interest and commitment of students during the lesson.

teaching aids

Electronic Cards

Electronic Cards support students while working with SkriBot electronic components.

Each card is dedicated to a different element of the set. Students will find descriptions of how the elements work, their name, visualisation as part of the SkriBot structure, as well as graphics of blocks dedicated to the use of a given element in the SkriApp mobile application.

Mats and Cards

What makes our teaching aids different?

Teach how to organize the working space

Facilitate working with SkriBot and SkriKit

Stimulate interest

Engage students

teaching aids

How do teaching aids help teachers deliver their lessons?

Educational Mats and Cards are teaching aids that help a teacher to better illustrate the topics discussed in class and the Skriware tools used.

If we find it hard to explain how a rotating bolt works then engineering cards will be an excellent learning aid for children. Connection of the electronic components and their properties can be easily checked in the electronic cards should there be any doubt. The City Mat will inspire educators to create interesting activities during classes in physics, early childhood education, science, art, geography or foreign languages. The Engineering Mat, on the other hand, will help organise and arrange the workspace both before and after class, making it easier, for example, to count the pieces of the kits and to sort them.

teaching aids

How do teaching aids help children learn?

The Educational Cards from Skriware are teaching aids to support children in memorisation skills, for example. Students will be able to easily associate the appearance of an item with its name thanks to their visual memory. If they forget what component will best fit into their design, they can easily check it with the Engineering Cards. By building robots, they will learn what each component is used for and will be able to invent other applications themselves.

The City Mat stimulates imagination, the robot and the building blocks gain an environment in which they can fully function.

The Engineering Mat helps children focus, organise their workspace and teaches them how to properly sort the pieces neatly so that none of them get lost. This teaches organisation and keeping the workplace in order.