3D Skrinter by Zortrax

Discover 3D printing easily

Tailored to the needs and capabilities of SkriLab, the M200 Plus printer manufactured by Zortrax – world’s 3D print leader.

Intuitive software

Intuitive interface

3D printing made easy

Comfort of use

Ready to work right out of the box

Built-in camera

Monitor your printout remotely

Powerful hardware

Material end detection

Automatically pauses your printout

Advanced cooling system

Provides the highest efficiency

A wide selection of filaments

Choose material and color



You can design a 3D model for your biology, math, chemistry, geography engineering or physics lesson yourself using the 3D Playground modeling program during your lesson, but if you don’t feel up to it, you can easily print one of thousands of models available in our Skrimarket library.


Skriware filaments

Filament is the material from which the 3D print is made. High-quality Skriware filaments are made of various materials, depending on the individual needs, and come in a wide range of colors. Filaments are delivered on an eco-friendly, cardboard roll.


World’s most user-friendly 3D printer

Large printing area

Up to 20x20x18 cm

Bulit-in camera

Remote preview


4″ with intuitive interface

Filaments support

Wide choice of filaments

Heated bed

Prints stick right on

Sleek design

High quality materials


WiFi and Ethernet connection

Smart filament sensor

Automatically pauses the printout