An invitation to the world of robotics

SkriBot is a self-assembly educational robot, which allows the students to learn construction, mechanics, electronics and programming at various levels of advancement. Unlike any other educational robot, learning with SkriBot begins much earlier than at the programming stage:


By assembling a robot themselves, students get to know the world of engineering and develop not only manual and technical skills, but also learn how to organise and plan their workplace.


By connecting the electronic components themselves students get the chance to understand the operation of microcontrollers and learn the basics of electronics.


By developing knowledge and programming skills, regardless of the level of advancement, students discover and apply various technologies in practice.


Teach your SkriBot whatever you want to!

Two block programming applications make it the perfect tool for newbies. The availability of tools both on the computer and on mobile devices means that Skribot can be used regardless of what devices the school is equipped with.

The possibility of programming in C ++ in two variants – with the use of ready-made libraries or in “clean” code – meets the needs of students who are particularly interested or gifted in this field. The programming offer is complemented by Micropython, a microcontroller programming language based on the popular Python syntax.



Let your imagination run wild, expand your SkriBot or develop your own construction during a lesson! Thanks to Creator, the possibilities are endless. Ready parts can be easily printed on a 3D printer. Thanks to this teacher gain a tool which stimulates students to think creatively, basing on a practical approach and development of analytical skills.


Modular, 3D-printed robots

Modular construction

Build, rebuild and upgrade


Print more SkriBot parts yourself

SkriBot Creator

Design your own SkriBot

Electronic components

Equipped with motors, sensors and LEDs

STEAM learning

Learn valuable skills while having fun

Learn programming

Block interface or Arduino environment

Mobile application

For Android and iOS


Bluetooth connection

Skriware Academy

Learn and teach with SkriBots

Classroom ready

Engaging for students of all ages

SkriBot Manuals

Get to know our SkriBot step by step. You will find all the support materials in one place.