STEAM education in every school

Skriware’s program ‘STEAM education in every school’ meets the needs of the education sector, giving the possibility to implement a modern educational laboratory based on 3D printing, robotics and programming adapted to the conditions of remote and hybrid learning in schools.

SkrilLab laboratory provides students with an engaging, interdisciplinary education at the highest level, at the same time providing ready-made lesson plans and materials supporting teachers in the ongoing digital transformation.


We support local authorities and schools

The program assumes support for local authorities and schools in seeking financing among entrepreneurs ready to support Polish education, equalizing the chances of children for the access to modern education at the same time.

The STEAM educational laboratory encourages children to choose a technical or professional path, developing the skills they are going to need on the future labor market.

The ‘STEAM education in every school’ program has a transformative and social character. It is directed to enterprises which, through financial support, can help the local community by influencing the shape of the future labor market.

The current partners of the program include Group Rafako SA, Jastrzębska Spółka Węglowa, Coca-Cola, and the CoderDojo Polska Foundation (supported by T-Mobile) financing educational tools for a total of 32 schools in Poland.

Our program “STEAM education in every school” was granted the honorary patronage of the Polish Ministry of National Education, and also supported by the Polish Development Fund and the Chancellery of the Prime Minister in Poland.


Are you interested in our program?

If you want to implement SkriLab in your school or wish to introduce it in schools in your commune, please contact us!