The 3D Encyclopedia of Polish Nature

The 3D Encyclopedia of Polish Nature

November 2018 –
April 2019

Project coordinator:
Maciej Sławiński

High school students (14-year-olds) from Scouts Association

Skriware tools used:
Skriware 2
3D printer

To celebrate 100 years of Polish independence scouts from Koszalin created the country’s diorama… with a twist. Under the guidance of 17 years old Maciej Śliwiński, they filled it with tens of 3D-printed animal figures placed on the map to indicate where each species can be found. To further expand on the subject, the diorama was equipped with a guide on Polish nature and how to preserve it.

Maciej Śliwiński saw the project as a chance to spark interest in IT in younger scouts – and he was correct to assume teaching kids to model in 3D would easily push them to learn about 3D printing as well. It was also a personal challenge, as he needed to quickly learn the ropes himself. Once he set on Sculptris software, he organised workshops for other scouts. Exchanging experiences online and hours of teamwork paid off – new scouts entering the project would receive tips from more advanced members and the ready to print models would be iterated and perfected. With a hundred of models to design and print, the amount of work was huge, and so 3D modellers cooperated closely with those responsible for crafting the diorama. They also worked together handling 3D printing and creating the guide on the country’s nature. All information featured in the book was consulted with local park rangers.

I hope to see 3D printing, robotics and programming badges of merit added to the scout book. And while it’s not there yet, our project has earned us a lot of praise from not just other scouts, but also park rangers and local schools where we showed it. – Maciej Śliwiński, Project coordinator

After the project, Maciej Śliwiński has been using the Skriware 2 3D printer on a daily basis, going as far as hauling it to the other side of the country to run 3D printing workshops for junior scouts. The printer was used, among others, to produce souvenir badges for the nationwide scout convention, objects used in scout games, parts needed for DIY workshops, and more. Śliwiński was even asked to conduct classes on 3D printing at his school.