The School Foundation

Online implementation with the School Foundation

April –
May 2020

Project coordinator:

The School Foundation,

Skriware tools used:

The coronavirus pandemic has caused many changes in the Polish education market. The everyday life of schools, teachers and students has changed dramatically almost overnight, which made it necessary to look for new methods, tools and solutions. Skriware has decided to go a step further.

In April, we launched an innovative pilot of the e-implementation program conducted 100% remotely. In cooperation with the School Foundation, we have prepared a series of webinars and development paths to make teachers ready to operate and work with Skriware’s product ecosystem.

Over the course of three weeks, teachers were trained on all components of the Skriware product ecosystem. In addition to nine online meetings, which included seven webinars and two Q&A sessions, the trainings also included:

14 additional e-learning materials

28 educational sets

10 school projects

In order to ensure the highest possible quality of the implementation, all meetings were recorded, and participants were asked to complete questionnaires reviewing the program.

After the implementation the School Foundation’s teachers went through a series of trainings related to:

hardware – a programmable SkriBot robot, a set of Skriware structural elements and a Skriware 2 printer,

software – Skrimarket platform, tools for designing 3D models – 3D Playground and Tinkercad, virtual robot creator – Skriware Creator and Skriware’s online slicer,

programming tools – SkriBots mobile application, Ardublock desktop application, the basics of working in the Arduino IDE environment and a platform containing educational materials – Skriware Academy.

During the first webinar, teachers learned about the possibilities of the Skriware ecosystem and were introduced to the implementation plan. This made it easier for them to choose which webinars to sign up for and which ones would be most useful for their work. The day after the first webinar, teachers had the opportunity to ask their questions during a dedicated Q&A session.

Next webinars prepared teachers to work with various SkriLab tools, including a 3D printer and our educational robots – SkriBots. Practical webinar classes were conducted in an interactive, interesting and understandable way.

Another in the series of webinars concerned 3D modeling, explaining how to skillfully use the design of 3D models in school classes. After the theoretical part related to the creation of 3D models, which ended with a quiz testing teachers’ knowledge, we moved to practice. Teachers could use both Skriware and the Tinkercad tool. Each of them completed two 3D models on their own.

Last webinar explained to teachers how the new Skriware Academy platform works and served as a summary of the knowledge gained so far. It also created a space for asking final questions or sharing teachers’ opinion on the implementation with each other.

The most important thing for us during the implementation was of course the teachers’ impression and experience. In order for the implementation to run properly, the key factors on the part of teachers were:

getting acquainted with additional materials (E-courses),

Active participation in online workshops

Attendance at every implementation workshop

The School Foundation teachers expressed a very positive opinion on Skriaware’s online implementation and most of them often suggested using additional materials to other teachers.

The main goal of the online implementation was to prepare teachers to use Skriware equipment during their lessons at school. Within our SkriLab, teachers of various subjects are able to use the tools provided by Skriware according to their needs.