Young engineers from SP4 in Mysłowice

We love to see how our equipment performs in action! That is why we are very pleased with the initiative that took place in SP4 in Mysłowice. We are even prouder of it, as it was implemented in school thanks to the “STEAM Education in Every School” program. The program that supports schools in finding money for the educational laboratory SkriLab. In this case E003B7 company (Rafako group) has funded SkriLabs for 7 schools based in Katowice, Mysłowice and Jaworzno.

Joanna Żuromska, the teacher from SP4 in Mysłowice, decided to use the SkriKit construction set during her lesson to implement a project based on the subject of a smart city.

After discussing the components of the construction kit (screws, angles, nuts, wrenches and plates), familiarizing children with the types of road signs and a short history of motorization, the students started to create their own smart city!

And so, during 3 lessons, they have created their own projects which show how to maintain safety in road traffic. Collected in the form of an exhibition, they created a huge model of an intelligent city, which included, among others, road signs, barriers or bus stops with benches where potential passengers have sat. They have even included pets, so the city was safe even for our four legged friends. 

Students of four classes (grades 1-3) had the opportunity to create a project together with their friends. It taught them a lot about the rules of the traffic and allowed them to creatively implement their ideas into practice. Thanks to the ability of independent problem solving and communication with peers, lessons devoted to friendly, intelligent cities gave children a lot of joy. Therefore, we are sure that the knowledge they gained during those classes will be remembered for a long time.

This is the kind of education we would like to see in schools every day!

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