SkriBot educational robot for learning programming and 3D design

SkriBot is a robotics kit for schools that allows to create an educational robot individually step-by-step. SkriBot is not just a robot to program, the education starts at the stage of building it from scratch. With Skriware technology, both teachers and students learn the basics of mechanics and electronics. They develop creativity and logical thinking skills. The SkriBot educational robot is a tool to help educators deliver exciting lessons daily, teaching through play.


An invitation to the world of robotics and programming

SkriBot is a self-assembly educational robot, which allows the students to learn construction, mechanics, electronics and programming at various levels of advancement. Unlike any other educational robot, learning with SkriBot begins much earlier than at the programming stage:


By assembling a robot themselves, students get to know the world of engineering and develop not only manual and technical skills, but also learn how to organise and plan their workplace.


By connecting the electronic components themselves students get the chance to understand the operation of microcontrollers and learn the basics of electronics.


By developing knowledge and programming skills, regardless of the level of advancement, students discover and apply various technologies in practice.

perfect combination of education and play

SkriBot – a robot for children to learn programming and design

By starting the adventure with the SkriBot educational robot already at the robot building stage, children and educators can be involved in its creation process from scratch. From learning the ins and outs of engineering, mechanics, and electronics to learning programming at different levels.

With Creator, an on-line robot design tool, they can also create a new look and functionality of the educational robot. Creativity, manual skills, practical application of different types of connections and learning basic skills of the twenty-first century are just some of the benefits of learning and playing with this educational robot for children.


Teach SkriBot anything you want!

Two block programming applications make it the perfect tool for newbies. The availability of tools both on the computer and on mobile devices means that Skribot can be used regardless of what devices the school is equipped with.

The possibility of programming in C ++ in two variants – with the use of ready-made libraries or in “clean” code – meets the needs of students who are particularly interested or gifted in this field. The programming offer is complemented by Micropython, a microcontroller programming language based on the popular Python syntax.



Let your imagination run wild, expand your SkriBot or develop your own construction during a lesson! Thanks to Creator, the possibilities are endless. Ready parts can be easily printed on a 3D printer. Thanks to this teacher gain a tool which stimulates students to think creatively, basing on a practical approach and development of analytical skills.


SkriBot – an educational robot for schools

The SkriBot educational robot is a great choice for school activities with its easy instructions and connections of individual mechanic/electronic components. The friendly design of the robot evokes empathy and trust in children, which makes explaining various phenomena in the world around them perhaps easier for the teacher. With dedicated lesson scenarios for 9 school subjects, SkriBot can be used not only in computer science or design and technology classes. Algorithms surround us from all sides and with the support of the educational material available at Skriware Academy, the entire class, including the teacher, will find this fascinating.


How can educational robots be used during classes at school?

Robotics kits used at school develop such skills as:

 Mechanical and DIY knowledge

 Understanding cause and effect

Spatial intelligence

Abstract thinking

Mathematical logic


Learning through play


Why learning programming and robotics at primary school can be crucial for the future?

By learning programming and robotics at primary school, students can develop technological competence. These skills allow for a conscious and efficient use of technology in everyday life at home and in the future at work. They develop positive patterns and help develop the habit of using new technologies wisely.


Modular 3D printed educational robots

Design, DIY, basics of engineering, electronics, and programming for children of all levels. Explore the interdisciplinary world of science with SkriBot – the educational robot from Skriware.

Modular design

Build, modify and upgrade the robot according to your own vision and ideas. A variety of combinations and the option to create in Creator and print additional components on the 3D Printer. SkriBot as part of SkriLab helps develop many useful skills by evoking passion and interest for learning in the spirit of STEAM!

Electronic components

The brain of the educational robot is SkriBrain that will show in a simple way how to connect electronic components to ensure proper operation. It highlights how important accuracy is when working with electronic components.

Learning how to program

You can program the assembled educational robot regardless of whether you are just a beginner or already in an advanced class. With the SkriApp Mobile App you will create simple block code, for more experienced students we suggest Ardublocks or Arduino IDE with C++ programming options.

Excellent connectivity

The robot can be paired with a tablet or a smartphone via Bluetooth, and if you need inspiration on how to use it in your classes, the ready-to-use lesson scenarios are available at the Skriware Academy teacher platform. Engage students of all age groups!

SkriBot Manuals

Get to know our SkriBot step by step.

You will find all the support materials in one place.