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and we want to support them in the best way possible by providing an access
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Join the new STEAM revolution!

At Skriware, we are democratizing access to 3D printing so that everybody can learn how to creatively approach problem-solving, while playing and learning.

In a rapidly changing world of an evolving job market, and an obsolete educational systems, we aim to redefine learning by blurring the lines between fields such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics.

Our mission is to bridge the gap between pure creativity and applied science in order to equip today's visionaries with the tools that will help them shape the coming decades.

We want to make it happen by delivering an integrated ecosystem of devices and software solutions that make acquiring the 21st century skill set an adventure.

How can our Skricurriculum
help you to become a 21st century engineer?
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Everything starts with an
...but we give you all the support and tools to realize it
Design image
Put your ideas together with our online creator – part by part, including required electronic components
Print image
Print your robot's parts using a Skriware 3D printer. They will be sorted automatically and sent wirelessly via Skrimarket
Build image
Assemble your robot with 3D printed parts and a provided electronics set
Test image
See how your robot performs, compete with others and improve it by measuring its performance according to our benchmarks
Program image
Program your robot with our simple programming tools available on Skrimarket and mobile app
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Learn practical design, machine building, programming and electronics while constructing your own robot from the scratch.

Choose one of Skriware's proposed models and see detailed descriptions on how it was built and what STEAM skills you can learn from it.

Teach image

Prepare your lessons based on Skriware's robots and their STEAM SkriCurriculum guidelines or let your students make their own.

Either way, we are certain that they will be more engaged and more likely to remember the material

School image
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There is no age limit to Skriware - our STEAM
based SkriCurriculum can be
applied on any educational level.

Skricurriculum platform
will be fully available starting Q3 2017


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