SkriLab Educational Lab

SkriLab is Skriware’s original solution combining 3D printing, robotics, and programming into a coherent educational lab providing excellent school facilities. Our lab features facilities, such as a 3D Printer named 3D Skrinter, 10 SkriBot educational robots, 10 SkriKit educational building blocks, support mats and cards, on-line 3D design software, an extensive library of 3D models – Skrimarket and the very heart of SkriLab – Skriware Academy. An on-line platform to support teachers in the daily use of the teaching lab in up to 9 lesson subjects.


Education. Today.

The SkriLab educational lab is the ultimate 3D printing and robotics lab in a primary school. The integration of individual components means that teachers will be able to conduct their lessons comfortably with the use of modern technology. This way, they will improve their professional competences and inspire their students by evoking a passion and interest for science in them.


What does the SkriLab help with?

Practical skills

SkriLab introduces a creative approach to learning through problem solving, building manual and social skills at the same time, all of that is accompanied by modern technologies such as 3D printing, robotics and programming.

Support for the teacher

SkriLab offers tools, materials, lesson scenarios and multimedia aids for teachers, which makes it a perfect tool for carrying out interesting and engaging lessons.

Passion for learning

Exciting classes and a practical teaching approach helps children acquire the knowledge and skills that the modern world requires of them fastly and conveniently. This is especially important for a generation learning through experience, touch and experiment.


Compliance with educational standards

SkriLab is ISTE standard aligned and certified by Education Alliance Finland as a well-designed educational solution that aligns with learning science principles. It also got the official Seal of Alignment with ISTE Standards for Students stating that it aligns well with the ISTE Standards for Students and provides integration into design thinking, computational thinking, and group collaboration.

Education Alliance Finland provides a product evaluation & certification service based on global quality standards for learning solutions. The learning impact evaluation is done using a science-based method that has been developed by university researchers in Finland, the global education leader. The Standard allows for evaluating the strengths and development areas of the product through the assessment of three focus areas:

Learning Goals

Pedagogical Approach


ISTE – International Society for Technology in Education is the premier non-profit membership organization serving educators and education leaders. It is committed to empowering connected learners in a connected world and serves more than 100,000 education stakeholders worldwide. Resources and products designed with the ISTE Standards in mind are choosing to demonstrate their commitment to support critical digital age learning skills and knowledge.


3D printing and robotics lab in every school

The SkriLab 3D printing and robotics laboratory meets the requirements of the Future Laboratories program, giving the possibility to implement 3D printing and robotics laboratories adapted to the conditions of remote and hybrid learning in school institutions. Our team will be happy to run an implementation workshop for the school.


Complete 3D printing and robotics lab equipment from SkriLab

With the SkriLab educational lab, headmasters of educational institutions will gain a comprehensive and sophisticated solution to support their teaching staff in introducing new tools in class. SkriLab means not only hardware and software constituting the lab equipment, in the heart of our lab is a platform dedicated to teachers – Skriware Academy. Our implementation team will also make sure that the solution is introduced properly and understandably at school. The implementation training can be arranged on-line or on-site. We will work together to ensure that the new school equipment is used frequently and effectively in class. Read more about the implementation of SkriLab below.



As a Skriware team we did our best to make SkriLab’s implementation at your school as comfortable and exciting as possible. Implementation consists of:

training for SkriLab’s tools handling and their practical use during classes,

e-courses in the field of 3D print, programming and robotics,

practical step-by-step exercises,

additional training materials.

We also offer technical support during the whole implementation process to make sure SkriLab has no secrets from any teacher at your school.


What lessons will our learning lab be applied to?

The SkriLab educational lab is not just about equipping a computer science lab. The database of ready-to-use lesson scenarios provides a quick and easy way to use them in mathematics, biology, physics, geography, chemistry, design and technology, art, computer science and early childhood education classes. However, there are no limits to the use of the lab equipment; all it takes is creativity and a willingness to embrace new technologies to turn history or foreign language classes into a fascinating adventure!


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