Teachers about Skriware

Listen what other teachers say about working with Skriware, our tools and their experience with using them in practice.

SkriLab Educational Laboratory at Integrated Primary School no. 5 in Konstancin-Jeziorna, Poland.

Thanks to funding from the governmental program called the Future Labs, our educational SkriLab laboratory has been fully implemented in the Integrated Primary School no. 5 in Konstancin-Jeziorna, Poland. To our delight, Agnieszka Halicka, a teacher librarian, ambassador of Genially, Wakelet and MIEE, is responsible for the 3D printing and robotics laboratory at the school. Wanting to find out what she appreciates in our product, we went to Konstancin to talk to her and see for ourselves how she uses SkriLab in her school. Keep reading if you’re interested to find it out!

The beginnings of educational cooperation

Feel invited to read the interview with Klara Kołodzińska, who works as an early childhood education teacher at the ICO Private Primary School in Wołomin. She began to learn about educational technologies and how to use them in class on her own, but as she admits it was not easy. The multitude of sources and extensive new knowledge can be confusing.

Case Study – Primary School No. 13 Jaworzno

Primary School No. 13 in Jaworzno received SkriLab over a year ago. We contacted the school coordinator – Katarzyna Zając to talk about the experience gained while working with our tools.


Skriware x School Foundation

The implementation of SkriLab for the School Foundation took place in unusual conditions. Due to the pandemic and lockdown prevailing in the world, all trainings, courses and workshops were conducted online. Thanks to this, we were able to maintain the recommended safety standards, but we also made sure that the materials prepared by us are easy to pick up and do not require spending long hours in the training room.