3D Model Library

Skrimarket Designs and Models for 3D Printing

3D printing technology is new to most schools. However, you do not have to be a 3D modelling expert to take full advantage of its potential. For those who do not feel confident or do not have the time to create their own 3D model, we have prepared a 3D model library for schools.

3D Model Library

What is it?

What is the 3D model library? This is nothing more than an on-line platform where you can find thousands of designs for your 3D printer. Our 3D SkriLab printing lab will print a 3D model of your choice in just a few clicks.

3D model library

Skrimarket on-line 3D model library

Skrimarket is an online platform that enables comprehensive 3D printing and modeling activities.

Using one account, you can remotely control the 3D Skrinter printer, check the status of your printout, preview the device’s operation live, upload and prepare for printing 3D models created in other programs, and also search for interesting teaching aids in the library of thousands of ready-made 3D models.

The intuitive interface of the platform will make it easy for you to learn to use all available functionalities.


What 3D printer designs can you find at Skrimarket?

Skrimarket’s 3D Model Library is a database of over 60,000 ready-to-print 3D models. Including nearly 20,000 models in the education category. A 3D model of a heart, a 3D design of a plant cell, or the Eiffel Tower? You and your students can create many wonderful 3D printouts with Skrimarket.


How to use ready-to-print designs for a 3D printer?

With the integration between the 3D Skrinter  and the Skrimarket 3D model library, printing is easy. Once you have made sure your printer is paired with your Skrimarket account, simply select your model, adjust the size, and start your 3D printout. Using the integrated slicer, Skrimarket converts the STL file, i.e., the actual design, into a g-code file, i.e., the corresponding instructions for the 3D printer. This way it knows how to apply the filament step by step.


3D Model Library

A wide choice of models

Skrimarket is a database of over 60,000 3D ready-to-print models, including over 20,000 educational models. The categorisation and search window makes it easy to browse the world of 3D models.

Integration with 3D Printer

Skrimarket is integrated with the 3D Skrinter. Simply pair the printer with your Skrimarket account to print models with ease. With the integrated slicer, the user avoids having to set numerous print parameters manually.

On-line modelling

The virtual robot creator – Creator and 3D Playground modelling program are also integrated with Skrimarket. This makes it easy to upload and print your own designs as well.


How to use the 3D ready-to-print model library and 3D prints for lessons at school?

Simple connection between the 3D Skrinter and the Skrimarket 3D model library facilitates the production of ready-to-use prints tailored to any lesson topic. During classes, together you can search for the best models, observe the 3D printing process, and ultimately use the model to understand a chosen topic. Skrimarket is also an excellent database of designs for the 3D printer that can provide students with awards and gadgets, thus motivating them to actively participate in the lesson.