Robotics Kit

This is a set of educational tools and materials based on the fundamental principles of robotics and programming.
It consists of SkriBots – ready-to-assemble educational robots, SkriApp – mobile application for block programming, related lesson scenarios and additional teaching aids.



By assembling the robot students learn about engineering and develop manual skills; connecting electronic components teaches the concept of microcontroller operations as well as the basics of electronics; programming tools allow for the acquisition of knowledge and skills that empower students’ awareness of the diversity of modern technologies and the possibilities of their use in practice.


SkriApp & Ardublocks

Assembled robots can be programmed at various levels of advancement. Starting with the aforementioned SkriApp mobile application, that enables controlling a SkriBot using block code or the remote control mode and ending on Ardublocks and Arduino IDE. Additional materials like city mats, engineering mats and engineering cards provide support when it comes to practical exercises and activities.


Skriware Academy

The Robotics Kit is enriched with lesson scenarios from Skriware Academy – online teacher’s platform that includes a number of educational materials (lesson plans, lesson cycles and exercises) designed to support them while using Skriware tools during class. SkriLab Robotics Kit can be implemented in STEAM related curriculum programs or used as an independent educational tool.


Robotics Kit includes:

6 pcs.

Skriware Academy
20 ready to use lesson plans for the teachers

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