SkriController is a comprehensive solution for schools looking to develop students’ competence in electronics, robotics and programming. The kit contains all the components necessary to guide students through the entire educational path in this field. 


Many possibilities

With SkriController you will be able to:

learn the basics of working with a microcontroller in a dedicated environment,

create mechatronic constructions,

program in a visual language,

program in text languages in a dedicated environment,

create and test electronic circuits on your own.



You will program the created circuits in:

SkriApp – mobile application for block programming

Adruino – C++

MakeCode – block programming, Python, JavaScript

SkriApp download for free:


What is included in the kit?

Building blocs for creating mechatronic prototypes.

Shield with dedicated connectors and programmable electronic component and microcontroller with power supply.

Breadboard with passive elements.

The kit provides support at the stage of taking the first steps in the field of electronics, robotics and programming, and supports the development of skills at subsequent stages of advancement (text programming, electronic circuit design).