SkriLab Educational Laboratory at Integrated Primary School no. 5 in Konstancin-Jeziorna, Poland.

Thanks to funding from the governmental program called the Future Labs, our educational SkriLab laboratory has been fully implemented in the Integrated Primary School no. 5 in Konstancin-Jeziorna, Poland. To our delight, Agnieszka Halicka, a teacher librarian, ambassador of Genially, Wakelet and MIEE, is responsible for the 3D printing and robotics laboratory at the school. Wanting to find out what she appreciates in our product, we went to Konstancin to talk to her and see for ourselves how she uses SkriLab in her school. Keep reading if you’re interested to find it out!

Why SkriLab?

How did Agnieszka start working with our equipment? Being a person who is interested in new technologies and tries to make the best use of them in education, Agnieszka Halicka, before buying the equipment for her school, decided to find a solution that would be functional and useful at her school.

In an interview, she told us that she was looking for equipment that would simply be the best. After reading many opinions, she decided to take a look at SkriLab – which received high ratings among other teacher users.

All elements of SkriLab are compatible with each other and easily integrated, it convinced me from the beginning. During the training with Skriware a few teachers had the opportunity to operate the printer under the supervision of a specialist, they also saw SkriBots and other elements and this convinced them too to use SkriLab.  – says Halicka.

How to introduce activities with the studio in the classroom?

We started out with a free exploration of the printer. We were helped by ready-made models on Also the e-courses and tutorials that can be found at were very useful. I watched the films together with the students – I wanted them to be involved in the operation of the printer from the very beginning. – adds Agnieszka.

As an additional advantage of working with students, the teacher indicated our 3D Playground modelling tool – For students it is a very intuitive tool, you can easily create figures like Minecraft there. – underlines Agnieszka.

How do students work with SkriLab?

During the activities with SkriKit blocks among students, it was possible to observe group activities like peer learning, suggesting solutions to each other, but also, from the teacher’s perspective, the development of creativity and ingenuity.

In the conversation, the teacher told us that the greatest despair in the students arises from the need to dismantle the finished structure, but she points out that our system is open: It is really great that you can simply print SkriKit elements – such a solution means that the creativity of students is not limited by anything. -says the teacher. She also pointed out that with the help of 3D Playground or the Tinkercad 3D modeling tool, you can create your own bricks in any shape – you just need to add a shape to the ready-made screw model!

A teacher in the role of a mentor, a student treated as a partner.

During the conversation, it emerged that Skriware Academy is a platform that can also be used together with students! Agnieszka shared the videos from the Tutorials tab with the students and together they learned how to use the printer – removing printouts from the platform or replacing filaments are activities that children can also do very well. In addition, it was an interesting experience for students – learning to be careful when removing the model or simply getting to know a yet unknown device.

After such talks, we are happy to hear that SkriLab is attractive not only for teachers but also for students. We appreciate that Agnieszka trusted the opinions of previous users – thanks to this, the group of SkriLab fans has grown, and good opinions are transferred not only through comments on websites, but also at various events where Agnieszka is a guest speaker.