Thanks to the cooperation with the European Fund for the Development of Polish Villages, we had the opportunity to implement our SkriLab educational laboratories in 5 schools from the West Pomeranian Voivodeship.

The educational programs of the European Fund for the Development of Polish Villages are aimed at equalizing educational opportunities for children and young people from small towns and rural areas. EFRWP strives to ensure that participation in the program gives them motivation to act, willingness to continue learning, and thus – a better start in adult life. The aim of the project “Program yourself for the future” was to raise and develop the competences of primary school teachers in the use of new technologies in education.

In the period from February to April 2021, schools from Wolin, Troszyn, Kołczewo, Koniewo and Dargobądz received full SkriLab laboratories equipped with a 3D printer, 10 educational robots, 10 construction kits, a Skriware Academy teacher support platform and access to online spatial modeling programs Creator and 3D Playground together with a 3D model library – Skrimarket.

The Skriware team conducted a total of 8 webinars (16h), 3 methodological workshops on the use of the laboratory in computer science, physics and early childhood education. Thanks to joint activities, modern teaching aids will reach over 450 students and almost 30 teachers have been trained to use those tools on a daily basis!

The trainings consisted of:

  • series of 8 online trainings explaining the use of our tools and ideas to use them during lessons,
  • e-courses concerning among others: 3D printing, programming and robotics,
  • practical tasks carried out step by step,
  • additional training materials.

What do teachers say about the implementation? See for yourself:

“I was most interested in the 3D Playground tool. After presenting its possibilities I managed to conduct an interesting lesson on spatial figures for students of the 6th grade. The students were very enthusiastic about working with the new tool. Remote work was not an obstacle in the implementation of tasks. “ – Katarzyna Wołkow, teacher of English and mathematics

“The presentations were well prepared, the content was clear and if there were any ambiguities – they were immediately clarified, online form and time (afternoons) were suitable for teaching staff. We feel well prepared to work with SkriLab because we have the knowledge necessary to use these tools. We are also glad that the webinars were recorded, we can now return to the content we are interested in anytime. We liked the modules devoted to construction blocks and 3D printing as it was a great opportunity for teachers of early childhood education and computer science to cooperate. “ – Anna Majewska, early school teacher

“I especially remember the educational robot training. Assembling the robot myself and then programming it was a very addictive task. It was the first time for me! I think students will react similarly when they return to school. I want to use this enthusiasm to explain a few mathematical issues to them.” – Beata Aniśkiewicz-Pociask, teacher of mathematics and chemistry